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MARIE ANTOINETTE.  (1755–1793). Queen of France; born archduchess of Austria, youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I; she became dauphine of France upon her marriage to Louis-Auguste, [LouisXVI] heir apparent to the French throne (1770); during the French Revolution, she was convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal of high treason and executed, by guillotine, [2 days after her husband, Louis XVI] at the Place de la Revolution. (14 October 1793). Scarce Manuscript Document Signed, “Payez / Marie Antoinette”, as Queen.  One page, large legal folio, vellum.  Versailles, April 1, 1783.   Boldly signed in the lower mid-left by Marie Antoinette to approve the payment; document also bears Marie’s secretarial proxy signature to the right side. In fine condition, with light toning.  She orders the Treasurer General Marc-Antoine-Francois-Marie Randon de la Tour, to pay one of her couriers the sum of sixty pounds.  The document reads in full:


“Treasurer General of Our House and Finances, financier Mr. Marc Antoine Francois Marie Randon de la Tour, we want and order that of the money which the State set aside for the fund for the upkeep and nourishment of several of our officers during the current year, you pay out to S. Louis Auguste Saudouin  de Vaulournaz, one of our horseback couriers, the sum of sixty pounds that we accord him as pay for the last quarter of January, February and March, to be brought to him by you  and confirmed by receipt. The said sum of sixty pounds will be passed and allotted from the provided accounts and lien [?]. The people of the Kings accounts, our highly honored Lord and Husband in Paris  [who] ask that this get done without difficulties. Written at Versailles on April first, seventeen-hundred and eighty-three.    Payez  –   Marie Antoinette”

An exceptionally fine document signed by this legendary Queen of France.





Full transcript in French.

Tresorier Général de Notre Maison et financier Mr. Marc Antoine Francois MarieRandon de la Tour, Nous voulons et vous mandons que dedeniers dont est fait fonds par l‘État arrêté pour l’Entretennementet nourriture de plusieurs de nos officiers pendant la présente annéeVous payez Comptant au S. Louis Auguste Saudouin  deVaulournaz, l’un des Couriers de nos Ecuries la somme deSoixante livres que nous lui avons accordés pour ses recompenses pendant le quartier de Janvier, Fevrier et Mars dernier, le rapportant par vous la présente avec quittance sur ce suffisante, la dite somme de soixante livres sera passée et allouée en la depense de vos comptes parvus et lien [?] les Gens des Comptes  du Roi, notre très honnoré Seigneur et Epoux à Paris, lesquels  prions a neanmoins ainsi le faire sans difficultés. Faite à Versailles le premier avril mil sept cents quatre vingt  Trois.  Payez,  Marie Antoinette




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