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BRAHMS, JOHANNES.  (1833-1897).  German composer.  Fine Autograph Letter Signed, “J.B.”, in German.  Four full pages, large octavo.  Ischl,  August 6, 1894.  Very fine condition.  To an unnamed correspondent.  Brahms writes:

“You could do me a real favor!  Would it be possible and not too bothersome for you to have about 6 copies made of No. 42?  Of course each on one sheet, printed front and back!  Thus it would save me about 12 friendly letters—and I would like to spare myself the trouble with them!  So, if you think it is not worth the effort, I will simply write some letters.  Here are a few NB’s [Brahm’s notes?] with regard to the editing which you will receive very soon.  No. 4.  Do you have to separate ‘Ander=en’?  Otherwise, I would like ‘Ande=ren’.  Likewise in No. 13, ‘He=rein’ instead of ‘her=ein’.  Concerning No. 13, the copy will have to be checked very carefully, too.  In verse 4, it says in particular unfamiliar things.  Please write to me if here the manuscript clearly states anything.  I don’t want to change anything on the manuscript.  As far as I know, good poems of that kind can be found in your library as well.  So, if the manuscript does not help and you don’t know the intention of Schmidt, you should copy the letters and send them to here with the request to edit them.  With regard to No. 28, the wonderful leap of the poem from verse 5 to verse 6 must have given you much joy.  What with your intensive interest in beautiful songs, I am sure you have already regretted the fact that the musician did not express this.  Therefore, you will gladly forgive the minor additional troubles caused by this.  Of No. 13 through 28 I request several changes.  However, I was thinking of giving the whole indication as before.  Ah!  Otherwise, there will be a peculiar minor confusion.  Therefore, here Nos. 2, 12, 17, 23, & 34 are original indications, too.  You must not have received my last letter to Karlsbad!  I sent you your copy of the Cologne texts together with the notes and asked if you could ask them to review them, etc.  I have just received issue no. 5.  Unfortunately, I am not in favor of the bed spread [?]!  I forgo it reluctantly, but we do have enough of a questionable nature in our songs—even if I don’t think or hope that the young girls think of anything special in connection with every rose garden in which we would like to gather flowers!  Best regards, your J.B.”   



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