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BARTLETT, JOSEPH WEATHERBY. (1835-1902).  American inventor of both sewing machines and street lamps; received patents on sewing machines in 1865, 1868, and manufacturer of Bartlett Street Lamps [circa 1870]; his economical street lamps were used throughout New York City as well as in Troy, New York.  Exceedingly scarce Autograph Letter Signed, “J.W. Bartlett,” on his fabulous illustrated Office of Bartlett’s Reflecting Boulevard, Street & Park Lamps letterhead. Two separate pages, octavo. “619 Broadway, N.Y.” “Nov[ember] 11, 1876.”  Bartlett writes to:  “Mr. S. Montin, Paris France”:


“Sir, I am much surprise at the long delay upon your part in closing the matter in accordance with your proposition. I conceded to all you asked of Messrs. Hosettine, Lake & Co of London as by there letters to me and also send a power of attorney enabling the matter to be closed without reference to me. I made every effort I could to fully satisfy you and I hope to hear that it has been all satisfactorily closed by you as you agreed to do with Messrs. H. L. & Co. at London. Will you please to write me upon receipt of this and also tell me about what you have been able to do. How you find the lamp liked, patron prospects &tc.  You will see by the enclosed that I have received the chief medal or award at the Centennial Exhibition over all others — Very kindly,  J.W. Bartlett.”


Bartlett was a prolific entrepreneur and inventory, who went from sewing machines to streets lamps in the 1870’s, when the market for sewing machines became fully saturated by other companies, most notably the Singer Sewing Machine Co.    Just a choice letter for the collector of inventions, inventors and science related autographs.                                                                 



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