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DICKENS, CHARLES.  (1812-1870).  English novelist.  Autograph Letter Signed, “Charles Dickens”.  One full page, octavo.  “Paris, 49 Avenue des Champs-Élysées”, January 7, 1856.  Fine condition.  To Mr. Edmund Wardley.  Dickens writes:

“Sir, Having returned here, and not having any present occasion for visiting London, I am unable to see the girl in whom you are interested.  But if you will make an appointment which will enable her to be spoken with by the lady who will forward this note to you, she will report her opinion of the case to me and no time shall be lost in deciding on it.  Your obedient servant, Charles Dickens”.  

Letters written from Dickens travels abroad are somewhat uncommon, and for the collector of Dickens, this is a fine example.  The topic probably refers to Dickens’ work with assisting ‘fallen women’ to get jobs in better positions than their former occupations, something he was devoted to, offering not only his support, but his financial backing.



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