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IRVING, WASHINGTON.  (1783-1859).  American writer.  Charming Autograph Letter Signed, “Washington Irving”, reporting the adventures of his travels in France.  Three pages, quarto.  Bordeaux, February 9, 1826.  Very fine condition.  Addressed on integral address leaf to “Monsieur J.B. Greene, chez la Villa Greene au Havre”, with postal cancellations.  Irving writes:

“My dear Greene, My brother and myself are rejoiced to hear that the little lady is safely through her enlargements and has enriched you with another beautiful daughter.  We congratulate you with all our hearts, and beg you will share our congratulations with your better half.  We could have wished it had been a son instead of a daughter; but let us hope she will be a tomboy while a girl, and wear the breeches when she gets married, and then it will come to about the same thing.  We have been passing a gay carnival at Bordeaux, the good folks made so much wine the last vintage that they got all fooled, and have done nothing since but eat and drink and dance and burn the candle at both ends.  Some of the old French proprietors have even gone so far as to pay off old debts of several years standing; but this is discountenanced by the more prudent part, as a terrible piece of extravagance.  Mr. Goutier finished the carnival by a Ball which eclipsed everything that had gone before, left despair for everything that was to come after.  He and his head cooper laid their heads together for three weeks before hand, turned the house topsy turvy; turned all the merchandise out of the warehouse and by the gesture of a magician from the theatre converted a garrot into an immense and beautiful saloon, where a supper was laid out for half Bordeaux.  It was really one of the most princely things I have ever seen and has given me quite a magnificent idea of the old gentleman.  Everything was well engineered, well executed and supported by a deep purse and bounteous hand.  Tell Mrs. Bradley I have seen all her relatives and have entertained among them in a most kind and hospitable manner, and leave their social circle with the greatest regret; but with the intention of revisiting it before long.  My brother and myself set off tomorrow for Madrid where we shall pass some few weeks and then pay a visit to some of the next striking parts of Spain.  Give my kind remembrances to your wife, to Mrs.Beasley, Mrs. Saron, Miss Gore, and my love to the lamb and believe me very truly Your friend, Washington Irving.  [P.S.] I enclose a letter which I will thank you to pass on to England for me.” 



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