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GEORGE V. (1865-1936). King of the United Kingdom, Emperor of India.  Remarkable, and exceptionally rare, Typed Statement Signed, “George R.I.,” as King, on black bordered mourning stationery,  with the Royal Coat of Arms at top center.  One page, folio.  No place. [London]  [1910].   George writes:

“The uncertainty of human life, and a deep sense of my duty to my people, render it incumbent upon me to recommend to you to consider contingencies which may hereafter take place, and to make such provision as will, in any event, secure the exercise of the royal authority. I shall be prepared to concur with you in those measures which may appear best calculated to maintain unimpaired the power and dignity ofthe crown, and thereby to strengthen the securities which protect the rights and liberties of my people. George R.I.”

Our document marks King George V’s recognition of the 1910 Regency Act. Passed at various points in time, these Acts provided an administrator in cases where the monarch was either absent, incapacitated, or in the minority. Responding to the absence of a mature heir when George V ascended to the throne, Parliament passed a new Regency Act (10 Edw. & Geo. V. c.26) that named the King’s consort, Queen Mary, regent. This 1910 Regency Act is especially unique in that it was the last Regency Act passed in relation to a specific Monarch.  This document is in very fine condition and represents, in our opinion, a unique opportunity to add what is arguably a royal ‘highlight’  to any collection.                                                                                       




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