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GRANT, ULYSSES S(IMPSON).  (1822-85).  Eighteenth President of the United States (1869-77); celebrated Union General in America’s Civil War.    Good Manuscript Letter boldly Signed, “U.S. Grant, General”, on imprinted Head Quarters Armies of the United States letterhead.  Two pages, quarto.  Washington, D.C., May 29, 1867.  Very fine condition.  To “Geo. P. Este, Esq.”  Grant writes:

“Sir: The effect of a military safeguard is to protect the property it covers to the owner or possessor, as against all over whom the officer giving it has control, but should he or those above him, for any reasons afterwards determine to take possession of the property, or should the property be taken possession of, or destroyed by any other parties, the military safeguard would in itself be no evidence of title in the person holding it as against the government, but if it should be taken possession of by unauthorized parties and brought within reach of the commanding officer giving it, or his superiors, and nothing had transpired since the date of the safeguard to show that it was improperly given it would be his duty to restore the property protected by it, or so much of it as could be identified, to the owner, but if it could not be identified or had been destroyed, he would have no authority to order its payment or to replace it out of any other property in military custody.  Very respectfully, your obedient servant, U.S. Grant, General”.   


Often overlooked, this period immediately following the cessation of hostilities, marked an important period of America’s return to  a unified country.  Grant’s participation, and leadership in this area was an important factor in the successful re-union of the Confederacy back into the fold.   Letters written by him in this capacity are of some scarcity.


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