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MCKINLEY, WILLIAM.  (1843-1901).  Twenty-fifth President of the United States (assassinated); Governor of Ohio; Congressman.  Partially Printed (red and blue inks) Document Signed, “Wm McKinley,” as Governor of Ohio.  One page, oblong large folio. Columbus, Ohio. May 12, 1894.   Also signed by E.H. Poe, State Auditor; Samuel M. Taylor, Secretary of State; and J.K. Richards, Attorney General.  Interest-bearing “Certificate of Indebtedness”  [a bond] for Ohio.  It certifies that the state is indebted to James Espy for the amount of one thousand dollars. Payable in 1896 at 3% interest.   Cut cancellation, not affecting McKinley’s fine signature.  An unusually attractive specimen in much above average condition.  A highly desirable piece of financial Americana.


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