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COOPER,  JAMES FENIMORE.  (1789-1851).   American novelist, travel writer and social critic;  author of The Last of the Mohicans.    Scarce Autograph Letter Signed “J. Fenimore Cooper,” on amber-toned stationery. One page, octavo, no place [Italy], no date [circa 1830].   Second integral page is addressed in Cooper’s hand.  Very fine condition.  Cooper writes:

“As I am in a hurry to dress, to join some friends, I take the liberty to answer your note, in my own language. I am truly sensible of the trouble you have given yourself, to restore me to the good graces of the Princess Vilhousky, and as I have been so remiss, already, in respect to the Lady, it will, perhaps, be better tasked to show some improvement, for the interview. If to-morrow will be equally agreeable to you, to-morrow shall be the day I am half disposed to challenge you to trust yourself on a hack horse, at 12. & amble over the campaigns, until the proper hour. If you are at leisure and disposed to the adventure, I think l can procure you a safe and an easy horse, and one too that is good looking, if apprised of your wishes before nine in the morning. You will remember that I am a steady rider myself, though the Prince makes me cut a few extraordinary capers when in his company. Very truly yours, “J. Fenimore Cooper.”

Cooper’s autograph / signature  — was of great rarity until the 1960’s when a large group of checks was discovered in upstate New York.  Thus, with this ‘find’, collectors were finally able to have an example in their collections, at what was a reasonable price. However, his letters remain quite scarce.  This may be due to the years he spent abroad, or that many were destroyed by their recipients at Cooper’s request.    A fine example, that is boldly penned and gives fine insight to his time abroad.


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