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DISRAELI, BENJAMIN.  (1804-1881).  British Prime Minister (1868 and 1874-1880).  Autograph Letter Signed, “B. Disraeli”.  Three full pages, octavo.  Grosvenor Gate, December 7, 1847.  Very fine condition.  To Lady Dorothy Nevill.  Disraeli writes:

“Dear Lady Dorothy, Your charming recollection of me, at the most charming moment of your life, is worthy of your sweet and gentle nature.  I assure you I thought of you very often on the eventful day, and wished you all the felicity, which no one more deserves.  Pray make my kind regards acceptable to Mr. Nevill; when I see him, I shall congratulate him on his good fortune.  I look forward, with great interest, to cultivating his society, and I am sure, that I shall ever be, if you will permit me, your faithful friend, B. Disraeli”.


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