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LAFAYETTE, GILBERT DU MOTIER [MARQUIS DE].  (1757-1834).  French military leader and statesman, who fought on the side of the colonists during the American Revolution and later took a prominent part in the French Revolution.  Attractive Autograph Letter Signed, “Lafayette,” in French. One page, octavo. Paris.’ Tuesday in the morning, November 27’,  no year. Lafayette writes to Monsieur Hamilton:

“I spent the morning on the Rue de Provence to find out how you are doing, my dear sir. The frigate …[has arrived] here from England. It won’t delay in … something with his friend. We have to profit from this good opportunity. Tuesday evening if he arrives, if he persists in his intentions stated in his last letter. I will be here tomorrow morning, Tuesday the eighth at ten o’clock …[it will] give me great pleasure to come in the evening. Sincerely,  Lafayette.”

A letter couched in intriguing content, most probably written while Lafayette was involved with his own revolutionary plans in France.                    




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