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MONET, CLAUDE.  (1840-1926).  French artist; leading figure in the impressionist movement; the term ‘Impressionism’ is derived from the title of his painting Impression Sunrise.   Good Autograph Letter Signed, “Claude Monet”, in French, on his embossed Giverny Par Vernon Eure stationery. Penned in his customary deep lavender ink.  1 1/2 separate pages, octavo. [written on the first and third leaf of one sheet, so that when open, it displays wonderfully!] Several file holes, else very fine condition.  Giverney, November 11, 1899.  To Monsieur Moliau [?].  The artist writes:


“I give you permission to send the two paintings that I have entrusted to you, to London, but on condition that you take full responsibility, and that it is done at your risk. So I count on you that you take all possible precautions for the packing, etc., and ask you to bring me up to date as soon as you have a solution, regardless what that may be.   Warm regards,  Claude Monet”.


Monet visited London on three different occasions; the first time was when he fled France in the Franco-Prussian war, 1871.  He was about to return to London for the second time, when he wrote this letter. The city had a lasting impact on his career and he painted over 100 images of it, including the painting which gave rise to the term: Impressionism.  A wonderful letter for display.                                                                                                   





11 Nov.bre 97    Cher Monsieur [Molian?] —   Je consens à ce que vous envoyez à Londres, les deux tableaux que je vous ai confiés – mais à la condition que vous preniez la responsabilité, et que c’est à vos risques et perils. Je compte donc bien sur  vous  pour prendre toutes les précautions possibles pour l’emballage etc. vous priant de me mettre au courant dès que vous enviez une solution telle qu’elle soit.  Cordialement, Claude Monet


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