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BABBAGE, CHARLES.  (1792-1871).  British mathematician and inventor of the first computer.  Scarce Autograph Letter Signed, “C. Babbage”.  Two full pages, octavo.  “1 Dorset Pl., Manchester Sq. W.”, March 26, 1868.  Fine condition.  To “Dear Madame”.  Babbage writes:

“Many thanks for your kind endeavour to save some of my time from destruction by the disgraceful permission allowed by the government of every sort of noise in the streets of London and especially of the Italian organ.  In my own case the remedy you suggest is not applicable.  Much of my time is occupied in giving instructions for drawings and in superintending those whom I employ to make them.  I have on some occasions paid a guinea a day to my chief assistant and from their interruptions have often had half my time thrown away.  I am dear Madam your obedient servant,  C. Babbage”.                               


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