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LAFAYETTE, MARIE DU MOTIER [MARQUIS] (1757-1834)  French military leader and statesman who fought for the colonists during the American Revolution. Commemorative cream colored silk badge bearing a black image of Lafayette, mounted to a piece of hard board.  Approximately 4 x 8 inches.  The badge bears the following text:

“General La Fayette was born at Auvergne, in France, in the yout 1757. At the age of 19, he embarked in a ship furnished at his own expense, and arrived in American, in January, 1777, to join the glorious contest for LIBERTY in the colonies of America. He entered the American army as a volunteer, and on the 31st of July, same year, he was commissioned  a Major General. He was in many battles- At Brandywine, when wounded, he refused to quit the field of battle. The American army being in want, this distinguished partier supplied it from his private purse to the amount of 10,000 dollars, at one time, for clothing. He continued in the service until the war closed- saw our Independence sealed, and our country free and happy. IN 1784 he embarked for France, loaded with honors and the gratitude of the American people. Throughout his illustrious life, he has been the constant advocate of LIBERTY and the RIGHTS OF MAN. Having lately expressed a wish to visit American once more, and this fact having reached the Congress of the United States, that body in 1824, unanimously passed a resolution inviting him to our shores, and offering a national vessel for his conveyance, but he declined this honor, and arrived in the ship Cadmus, Captain Allyn, on Sunday, the 15th of August, accompanied by his son George Washington La Fayette 1824.”


Affixed below the badge is a slip that reads:

“Badge worn by the Hon. J.E. Van Alen at the reception given to La Fayette in Washington. Said to be the only one now in existence. August 1824.”

A wonderful remembrance of Lafayette’s 1824 visit.



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