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ALBERT, PRINCE. (1819–1861). [FRANCIS ALBERT AUGUSTUS CHARLES EMMANUEL, PRINCE OF SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA]. Prince Consort to Queen Victoria of England.  Uncommon Autograph Letter Signed “Albert” on embossed gold royal monogrammed stationary. Three pages, small octavo. Windsor Castle.  September 29, 1845.  To Lord De La Warr, Lord Chamberlain, and chief officer of the Royal Household who was generally responsible for organizing all court functions. With appealing references to Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister at the time.  Prince Albert writes:

“I have to acknowledge the receipt of your communication about Lady Mary. As your proposition is quite at variance with what had seemed settled as the principle, I have sent it to Sir Robert Peel & begged him to arrange with you whatever he may think proper. I cannot see why the 5 years should have been selected as the principle of settlement, but anything will satisfy the Queen which Sir Robert may settle. Windsor looks very fresh & clean. I had the stupidity to sprain my ancle [sic] which will deprive me of the shooting for some time. Ever your’s truly, Albert.”

An especially nice letter, with revealing content of Albert’s perception as to the Queen’s preference in allowing Robert Peel the freedom of making his own decisions, without having to receive her advance approval.   Excellent condition.



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