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GINSBERG, ALLEN.   (1926-97).  American Beat poet.  Typed Fair-copy Poem Signed, “Allen Ginsberg” from his “Kaddish”, the remembrance poem written by him on his mother’s death.   One page, quarto.  No place, no date.  Excellent condition.   “For Naomi Ginsberg, 1894-1956”.   Ginsberg writes: “…O Russian faced, woman on the grass, your long black/hair is crowned with flowers, the mandolin is on your knees—/Communist beauty, sit here married in the summer among/daisies, promised happiness at hand—/holy mother, now you smile on your love, your world/is born anew, children run naked in the field spotted with/dandelions,/they eat in the plum tree grove at the end of the meadow/and find a cabin where a white-haired Negro teaches the mystery of his rainbarrell—/blessed daughter come to America, I long to hear your/voice again, remembering your mother’s music, in the Song of the Natural Front—/O glorious muse that bore me from the womb, gave suck first mystic life and taught me talk and music, from whose pained/head I first took Vision—/Tortured and beaten in the skull—What mad hallucinations/of the damned that drive me out of my own skull to seek/Eternity till I find Peace for Thee, O Poetry—and for all humankind call on the Origin./Death which is the mother of the universe!—Now wear/your nakedness forever, white flowers in your hair, your marriage/sealed behind the sky—no revolution might destroy that/maidenhood—O beautiful Garbo of my Karma…”      They don’t come much nicer than this!    Perfect for display.  


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