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CLAY, HENRY.  (1777-1852).  American statesman; represented Kentucky in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives;  Speaker of the House;  Secretary of State, in John Quincy Adams administration.   Autograph Letter Signed, “H. Clay”.  One full page, quarto.  Washington, January 20, 1832.  Very fine condition.  To S.D. Ingram, Esq.  Clay writes:

“Sir, I read your favor of the 16th inst. in which you have justly stated that I would not do you an intentional injustice.  I had heard of the Treasury construction in which allusion is made in a recent speech delivered by me in the Senate, referred to by you; and I also understood that it originated first to the appointment of the personal secretary.  My sole purpose as to him was to exempt him from any agency in that construction, without fixing blame on any particular secretary.  I had heard indeed that it was Mr. Rush and not you that had made it, but my object was the construction, and not the person who might have given it.  As you feel that my remark may be interpreted to mean you, I will, with pleasure, make the call you have suggested, except that I will give it the more general form of embracing all Treasury constructions of the tariff from that of 1824 to the act of May 1830 inclusive.  I am sir with high respect, Your obedient servant, H. Clay”.    


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